When you’re new to a city or trying out a new look, finding the right hair or beauty professional can be overwhelming. We all know that when you look good you feel good, so going to WRONG stylist is costly. It can cost you more than the money in your pocket – it can cost you your confidence. But if you’ve ever stopped someone on the street to ask, “Who did your hair?!” or reached out to your friends for a recommendation on a stylist or a barber, then The FreeStyle App is for YOU!


At FreeStyle LLC, we believe community and relationships form the basis for trusted exchange. The FreeStyle App was created with the hair and beauty concerns of the black community in mind, as a new social networking app for exploring your friends’ photos, reviews and recommendations for the hottest hair and beauty professionals near you. Finding a hair stylist is a difficult task, but when you consider the versatility of black hair and the variety of hair styles, textures, and hair types that exist within the black community, then the difficulty of the search is magnified by 10. We get it. You’re tired of spending time browsing through anonymous reviews only to still feel unsure. You only want to spend your time browsing referrals that are relevant and trusted. Thus, The FreeStyle App was subsequently created with these concerns in mind as a word of mouth platform that reflects our voices and referrals for trusted professionals within an industry where a specialized understanding of ethnic differences plays a key role in the quality and effectiveness of service.

Expand Your Options. Get FreeStyled!

The FreeStyle App helps you expand your options for where to go for your hair and beauty needs so you can make better choices. Our algorithm categorizes your network’s referrals so that you can easily search their referrals by your preferences and location. Therefore, using The FreeStyle App you can easily Book the Hairstylists, Barbers, Freelancers and Makeup Artists You Need, Referred to you by the Faces You Know and Trust. Our goal is to put the confidence of finding the right professional back in the hands of the individual – The FreeStyler.

Grow Your Business

In addition, Hair and Beauty Professional/Freelancer can easily list their services, make money, and grow their business through word of mouth/ their client’s referrals. Since The FreeStyle App is entirely client driven, the platform enables professionals to focus on providing quality service while at the same time tapping into their client’s network and letting their network do the networking for them!