Book the Hairstylist, Barber, and Beauty Professionals You Need, Referred by the Faces YOU Know and Trust.  The FreeStyle App by FreeStyle, LLC


Why - The FreeStyle App?

When you're new to a city, rebuilding your team can be overwhelming. If you've ever stopped someone on the street to ask who did their hair, or asked your network for their recommendations on where to find a new stylist or barber then The FreeStyle App is for you.
We get it. You're tired of wasting time searching for quality reviews. You only want to spend time browsing relevant, high quality relationship based referrals. The FreeStyle App is a mobile app that allows you to receive recommendations you need for top hair and beauty professionals globally, referred to you by the faces you know and trust. Let your network do the networking!

FreeStyle, LLC was created with the black community in mind, because we understand that the complexity and variety of hair texture and types that exists within the community makes the search for the right hair and beauty professional harder. The FreeStyle App connects you to relevant and vetted referrals from your network because we believe that everyone should have a trustworthy and reliable resource for where to go when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

The FreeStyle App allows you to easily connect with those you know so that you can book with those they trust. Discover a guidebook of your network's trusted referrals all at your fingertip. At The FreeStyle App, our vision is to provide a "word of mouth" networking platform created with the black community in mind in order to reflect our voices, celebrate and showcase different hairstyles, empower the entrepreneur, while also helping to put the confidence of finding and booking the right professional back in the hands of the individual.

The FreeStyler.

Who We Are

We are diverse, confident, and creative- just like our hair, culture , and lifestyle. We are a community made up of individuals, clients, freelancers, stylists, barbers, makeup artists, and professionals.


When it comes to finding the right stylist, FreeStylers are never lost. We're sticking to our roots and doing what we've always done - relying on a word of mouth foundation. We maintain our confidence and our vibe, because we understand the power of sharing and receiving recommendations from a like minded network.

The FreeStyle App is Your Guidebook of Personal Referrals.

The FreeStyle App allows you to skip the time wasted searching through anonymous reviews and instead connects you with relevant photos, experiences and reviews shared by your trusted network. Share your pictures, shout-out the hair and beauty professionals that you Trust, and allow your network an opportunity to connect with your referrals for top professionals anywhere in the world.

It’s our way to navigate every search experience.

How It Works

Ask your network! Because finding the right stylist shouldn't be overwhelming...

Discover Top Stylist and Professionals

Search for stylists in your local area. Browse through a guidebook of your network's favorite looks and recommended professionals.

On Demand Booking at Your Fingertips

Schedule your next appointment when you want, where you want, anytime 24/7.

Share Your Look

Browse Photos of New Hairstyles, Looks and Shout-Outs From Your Network. Get Styled, Share a Picture, Recommend your FreeStyler to Friends!

Start Styling and Earn More Money

List your services. Earn money in your free time. Accept clients when you want. Earn what you need.

Grow Your Business

Whether you're freelancing or in a salon, showcase your work and easily attract new clients from client referrals and word of mouth.

Accept Payments

Receive and manage client payment and tips directly through the app. Set up a payment account and start getting paid fast!


Join us. Learn more and Connect with your tribe!

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